Our work inspires confidence because, unlike competitors, we’re experienced, nimble and collaborative. Relationships, integrity and hard work mean everything to us. Our clients have good things to say about what we pride ourselves in. These testimonials show only some of the multitude of reasons why you should work with us.

The obvious answer as to why we chose NSP as our grilled chicken supplier was the product and the price. But, the answer as to why we stay with NSP goes beyond the product and price. We do not enter into any product relationships without looking into the future. We look to form a partnership that benefits not only us but the supplier as well. A flourishing partnership goes beyond getting in for a low price and going “dark” – it takes much more effort.

NSP has definitely put forth the effort that we look for:

  • Quality and consistency of product
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick reaction to any quality issues
  • Research and development ideas
  • A representative that is knowledgeable and responds quickly
  • And the presentation of any ideas, existing or new, that apply to our concept

We have enjoyed the partnership that we have had with NSP over the past couple of years and look forward to many more.


NSP is committed to us. They provide us great fill rates on distributor orders. NSP is always ready, willing and able to help in emergencies- they keep us in stock. They listen and are willing to work together to fix a problem or through the development process. Quick response to any questions or problems and they go to great lengths to create/maintain business relationships- not just commodity relationships. A great inside team that cares.


NSP provides:

  • High product and after service quality
  • Very transparent and open communication
  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly
  • Responsive and quick turn around
  • Great product, fantastic service and even better attitude
  • NSP is never short on positivity and always attacks a new request with a can-do attitude. The NSP team really listens to the customer and takes all feedback (good or bad) as a way to improve the product and services
  • Responsiveness to emails/calls is 100% reliable – which in a world in need of fast decisions and quick responses is much appreciated. In no way am I trying to simply build you up, this is an honest evaluation of my experience with NSP

NSP has been a long term supplier because:

  • Maintaining the same level of quality
  • Continue to make improvements
  • Becoming a little more price competitive
  • Continue to offer new and innovative samples for our evaluation

NSP listened at the initial meeting and showed us what we wanted to see, and didn’t try to tell us that they have a product that would be “perfect” for our business before they even knew our business. The NSP reaction time to questions and issues is excellent. They have their facts and answers readily available. Most importantly, they were more interested in finding out if they had the right product for us before they were worried about how much I was going to buy and I appreciated that. NSP keeps our business because I feel like NSP values the relationship as much as they value the sale.



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